Christi-Ann is fierce about dogs. She has loved them her whole life. She has over 20 years of combined experience working with, caring for and training dogs.

In middle school, Christi-Ann started her own neighborhood business of pet sitting for dogs of friends and family. Providing a much needed service to her friends and family, Christi-Ann quickly excelled at establishing good human and animal connections with the furry friends she cared for. Even at this early age, Christi-Ann knew that she wanted a life and career with dogs.

In college, Christi-Ann worked for a variety of veterinary hospitals around the Bay Area. She loved caring for the sick and often helpless animals that she encountered in these environments. She learned to work in fast paced and demanding conditions to help animals in need, and often when time was of the essence. Christi-Ann’s knowledge about dogs (and various other furry animals) grew exponentially. She learned to triage hurt animals and warning signs for animals in distress. But still, she craved a deeper connection with the animals she saw. After meeting a well-known local dog trainer while on a family vacation, Christi-Ann made the decision to train and become a certified dog trainer. For the past 12 years of her life, Christi-Ann has worked on honing her skills and dedicating herself 100% to training dogs. Her greatest satisfaction is knowing that her work helps to bring together owner and pet (she’ll let you decide which is which) to work and live cohesively building stronger ties with every interaction.

In a recent act of faith, Christi-Ann purchased a home in the Santa Cruz/Wattsonville area where she has opened up her very own kennel business. She now provides kennel services to people who want only the best for the dogs. She is able to love on and care for many dogs (and sometimes other furry animals), making sure that they have a safe environment to call home while their owners are away from home. She also offers her clients basic dog training services. Christi-Ann is passionately committed to her clients and their furry family members.